PetroSA produces several chemicals from its state-of-art gas-to-liquids (GTL) plant in Mossel Bay. These synthetic chemicals fall into two main groups: alcohols and low-aromatic distillates. These unique chemicals are manufactured to world-class standards. Their quality is assured through our Quality Management System, which conforms to ISO 9002:2008. This means we are able to place these products in the local market and globally in markets across Europe, the US, Middle East and Far East.


Our synthetic alcohol range includes:

  • Mosstanol L - A C2/C3 alcohol blend
  • Mosstanol 120 - A C3/C4 alcohol blend
  • Mosstanol P - A C4/C5 alcohol blend.

These high quality, dehydrated alcohols compete on equal terms with those produced by the world’s leading petrochemical companies. Among other in-demand characteristics, their very low water content and absence of aldehydes, ketones and other potentially hazardous elements mean they are very sought after.

Their diverse applications include: screen washes, de-icing fluids, paint thinners, printing inks, board markers, disinfectant applications, cleaning fluids, packaging, electronic equipment cleaners, fuel blending, anti-static fabric treatments and mining applications.

Low-aromatic distillates

This synthetically produced hydrocarbon range includes:

  • Mosspar M
  • ASH-M
  • Mosspar H
  • ASH-H
  • Mosspar1925 H

Primarily iso-paraffinic, this distillates range is produced using our unique conversion of olefins to distillates (COD) technology. Among other in-demand characteristics, these synthetic hydrocarbon products are virtually free of sulphur and other potentially hazardous elements. The Mosspar range is virtually aromatic free. With very low toxicity, high flashpoints and low odour, they are both environmentally and user friendly.

Their diverse applications include: indoor heating fuels, inks and surface coatings, wax polishes, spray lubricants, metal processing, niche industrial fuels and mining solvent applications. Their superior exhaust emission quality creates high demand In niche fuel markets.

In addition, our low-aromatic distillates are used very successfully in the production of drilling fluids for the deepwater drilling market. They dramatically reduce drilling times with their superior properties, especially at very low temperatures.