PetroSA Gas to Power Initiative aimed at Powering the Nation

Cape Town- The Petroleum Oil and Gas Corporation of South Africa (PetroSA), a subsidiary of the Central Energy Fund (CEF), notes the recent article published in News24 on the 19 November 2023, titled “Shipping firm threatens to attach SAA assets over accusation PetroSA didn’t pay fee”.

PetroSA confirms settlement of the amounts owed to UOG Sparta as per the services rendered by the shipping company. We further reaffirm that no legal documentation has been served as alluded to in the article.

PetroSA values the relationship it establishes with its partners globally, therefore, has continued to engage with UOG Sparta through their contracted party in an effort to resolve the matter amicably.

PetroSA continues to be committed to delivering on its mandate of ensuring the security of energy supply and a sustainable turnaround of the business to ensure long term sustainability.