Exploration & Production

Exploration and production of oil and natural gas resources locally and internationally. Locally, we operate the FA-EM, South Coast, and F-O gas fields. In addition, we have exploration acreage on the South and West Coast of South Africa. Internationally, we have an investment in the production and development of assets in Ghana.

We engage in geological and geophysical studies to identify potential hydrocarbon reserves beneath the Earth's surface.

  • Explorations and Production
    • Trading of Agregation
    • Diverse applications including Power
  • Cor diverse application including Power, Refining and Industrialisation
PetroSA is instrumental in driving energy solutions through the commercialisation of PetroSA’s tail gas for power generation

Gas Trading is aimed at ensuring Sales to third Parties through Business to Business Joint Ventures and driving Gas Importation for sale in South Africa