Centre Of Excellence

The PetroSA Centre of Excellence (COE) in Mossel Bay is responsible for recruiting and training the young people whose experience and expertise are essential to the future of our business and our country. Established in 2002, the COE was the first learning establishment dedicated to teaching the essential skills demanded by South Africa’s petrochemical sector.

Accredited by the Chemical Industry and Energy Training Authority (CHIETA), it provides learnerships, NQF Levels 2-4, and qualifications for chemical electricians, instrument mechanics, fitters, riggers, welders and boilermakers. In addition, it is the only nationally accredited trade test centre in the southern Cape.

By the start of 2012, 732 young learners had qualified through the COE. In addition, it has trained around 420 safety watchers, 258 mechanical operators and 504 floggers involved in the PetroSA refinery’s statutory shutdowns. Around 70% of young learners are recruited from local communities, with the others recruited nationwide. The centre’s 99% success rate testifies to the professionalism of its staff, the quality of its courses and the standard of its facilities.

The COE is among PetroSA's most important strategic assets. Its graduates are already making an invaluable contribution to our operations, onshore and offshore . They will also play a key role in the success of flagship initiatives such as Project Ikwezi and Project Mthombo.

As it continues to speed transformation from grassroots up, the COE’s importance goes well beyond PetroSA. By equipping youngsters with new skills and opportunities, for example, the centre is also helping to improve living standards among local communities. In line with our commitment to empowering women, 50% of learners at the centre are female. Looking ahead, learners graduating from the COE are set to play an indispensable role in developing vital infrastructure across South Africa and Africa.