Business Development

Responsible for downstream grow strategy which includes development of new products/ businesses/ customers and suppliers

International Trading Business established to grow PetroSA’s footprint abroad Retail Business focuses on supporting growth of downstream business, increase sales volumes and margins, increase wholesale and retail footprint Africa Business is aimed at increasing wholesale and retail footprint in the African continent


The South African downstream market presents an attractive option for market entry. As a result, PetroSA will follow a phased approach through organic growth and acquisition of an existing or reseller. Discussions with 3 resellers are currently underway. This also includes the option of buying one of the major retail players. There are six major retail players in South Africa. The concentration of players has stayed the same for the past forty years, and the name and owners have changed for some. Buying any of the major will achieve the 14.5% market share instantly. The purchase will come with its legacy risks and benefits since some of the forecourts are old, the property is fully paid and so forth.


The Lubricants business, having finalised the business case, is currently ready for execution whilst capacitation to supply the other products and the development of business cases is underway.