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Apply for Funding

If you plan to apply for financial support through our Community Affairs programme, it is essential that you study the funding policy below. We do not sponsor initiatives unless they align with our policy. You can access the application form here.

Our five key focus areas are:
  • Education (30% of spending)
  • Health (25%)
  • Community Development (20%)
  • Environment and Sustainable Development (20%)
  • Ad hoc projects that deserve support/funding etc. (5%)
We are guided by the need to:
  • Focus on communities in which the company operates, as well as labour-sending areas
  • Emphasise investments in disadvantaged communities
  • Support programmes that promote community empowerment and socio-economic development
  • Support programmes that contribute towards building the corporate brand by positioning PetroSA as a caring company.

South Africa needs educated, skilled and literate citizens to help it grow and develop a thriving economy. Without access to decent schools, dedicated teachers, books and other resources, children face an uphill battle to educate themselves and improve their lives.

To help address these needs, PetroSA’s Community Affairs programme supports new and existing primary and secondary schools serving disadvantaged communities by providing:
  • Basic school infrastructure, including buildings, ablution facilities and classrooms
  • Science, life skills and computer laboratories and assistance with maintaining these facilities
  • Mathematics and science learner support programmes, as well as teacher training and development programmes
  • Training to develop the capacity of school management bodies at funded schools.

PetroSA’s Community Affairs programme aims to address the country’s primary healthcare challenges by providing:

  • Assistance to organisations and projects administering treatment for terminal diseases, including hospitals, clinics, hospices and home-based carer programmes
  • Healthcare infrastructure in disadvantaged communities where there is an absence or lack of healthcare facilities.

Community Development
PetroSA aims to support the development of communities where we operate by investing in non-profit organisations and projects nominated by our staff. The focus is on improving living conditions and the quality of life among the communities our people live in.

In addition, PetroSA provides funding under its Community Development focus area for:
  • Disaster relief responses and initiatives
  • Early Childhood Development (ECD) projects and programmes
  • Industry-wide CSI initiatives, such as the Integrated Energy Centres
  • Projects and programmes that support the disabled.


Environment and Sustainable Development
South Africa faces major environmental challenges in the 21st century. These include threats posed to the health of humans and other species by pollution and lack of effective waste management; climate change; and the over-exploitation of resources. Other issues include threats to biodiversity from alien invasive species and to habitat transformation as a result of poorly planned development.

In response, PetroSA’s social investment in conservation and the environment goes towards programmes that contribute to developing and enhancing the environment for disadvantaged communities where we operate. To this end, we support:
  • Environmental education programmes
  • Greening programmes which provide trees and parks to schools and public spaces
  • Environmental clean-up programmes and initiatives.
We give preference to projects that provide some form of job creation in their implementation.