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FakeSpoof PetroSA websites on the internet

Fake/Spoof PetroSA websites on the internet

Advances in technology pose problems for many businesses around the world as cybercriminals use the same technology to achieve their own, and often, criminal agendas.

These include scams such as phishing and/or fake/spoof websites that surface all over the internet space.

PetroSA is also a potential victim of these scams and the most recent is the fake/spoof PetroSA website.

 A fake or spook website appears or claims to be the legitimate business website and it resembles or it is, in some form, a duplication of the original, real business website.

The latest example of the spoof PetroSA website is This site duplicates the contents of the official PetroSA internet site except that it replaces the name “PetroSA” with “Wrightwayoil” and the company’s address and contact details show that it is based in Gauteng.

Customers, members of the public and other interested parties are warned to be careful when accessing any website purporting to be the official PetroSA website. Please ensure that you verify the authenticity of the websites you visit, not only the PetroSA website, but any of the businesses you know to avoid falling prey to cybercriminals and scams.

Please take note the following facts to verify the authenticity of the PetroSA website:

  • PetroSA URL addresses are and
  • Check that the websites uses the correct PetroSA logo.
  • Contact PetroSA on (021) 929 3000 if you suspect fraud or scam.