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PetroSA has made its offsite accommodation facility, approximately three kilometres from the GTL Refinery, in Mossel Bay, available to the local health department to use as a quarantine site for the coronavirus-related cases.

The facility, known as the PetroSA West Camp, has mostly been used for accommodation of extra personnel during the shutdowns or major refinery maintenance projects when large numbers of people from outside Mossel Bay are employed at the Refinery. The West Camp is a ready-to-use facility with rooms, 700 beds and kitchens; making it suitable for immediate use.

As a state-owned company and a caring corporate citizen, PetroSA is pleased it could  make a contribution to alleviate the challenge faced by the local communities, where in some cases, lack of adequate space makes it impractical for individuals who are affected or tested positive for COVID-19 to self-quarantine at home without the risk of spreading the virus to others

All matters pertaining to the operations of the PetroSA West Camp while it is used as a quarantine site are the responsibility of the Health Department. The involvement of PetroSA is limited to the provision of the facility for use as a quarantine site. Enquiries on issues about the number of people in quarantine and other related health matters should be directed to the Health Department. 

The company also encourages employees and community members to act responsibly and refrain from spreading false information or fake news about the quarantine sites and the pandemic itself.